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tv   Today  NBC  September 19, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. what went wrong. chilling new images of that nevada air show crash that killed nine people and injured nearly 70 others. as a key discovery is made at the scene. will memory cards help investigators keep together what caused the tragic accident? the next big showdown. president obama set to unveil his long-term plan to bring down the national debt this morning. but republicans are already saying some of his ideas are dead on arrival. what is bill clinton thinking? the former president speaks out in an exclusive live in-studio
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interview. deja vu. "mad money" and "modern family" win big once again at the emmy awards as charlie sheen comes face to face with ashton kutcher his remakesment on "two and a half men." we'll tell you what happened during their backstage meeting we'll tell you what happened during their backstage meeting monday, september 19th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning alongside ann curry just back from iran. i mean just back. you got in yesterday afternoon. >> so good to be sitting back next to you. i wish we were all welcoming back the hikers instead of me. looks like it will take a couple more days. >> you've been following closely. i'm sure we'll have the latest. welcome back. nice to have you here. meanwhile, a look any look
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world war ii-era plane that slammed into the crowd out in reno, nevada. and learning more about the some of the victims of that accident including the heroic actions of a father to save his son. we'll have the details on that in a live report ahead. also just ahead. police in aruba plan to re-enact the drowninging of robyn gardner. can it provide information to solve the sick--week-old case and why has the prime suspect refused to take place. the latest member of his defense team, we'll speak to him, jose baez. also as we mentioned former president bill clinton is here in our studio bringing together some of the world's top minds this week to try to figure out how to jump-start the global economy and the struggling jobs market. we'll talk to him about that and also get his take on the 2012 presidential race, as well. as some other topics as we discuss the clinton global initiative. but let's begin the latest with the latest on the investigation into that deadly air show disaster out in nevada.
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nbc's george lewis is in reno. george, good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, matt. investigators are looking at new evidence contained on a bunch of memory cards like this one they found in the wreckage. these cards could hold the possible key to solving the cause of the wreckage if data from them can be recovered. new video this morning of the ill-fated p-51 mustang, a world war ii vintage fighter airplane and the moment of the crash. it turns out the plane carried some modern technology. >> the investigators have found that the aircraft was equipped with a video camera facing outward. they have also found camera fragments at the site. >> reporter: it had a data recorder to track performance information. that could yield clues about what happened as a piece of the
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plane's tail section appeared to come off in flight. sunday night the ntsb released a photo of the part that detached. ntsb investigators wrapped up their search of the crash site on sunday. pieces will be taken to a secure area for further analysis. >> stay where you are. if you're down, stay down. >> reporter: this as more stories of heroics amid the chaos of the crash scene begin to emerge. one of the spectators who died, john craik may have been trying to save his son and his son's two friends. they survived. >> he probably sheltered his son and that's the kind of guy he was. >> reporter: one thing that may come out of this, a set of recommendations from the ntsb about improving safety at air shows and preventing further tragedies like this one. a very preliminary report on their findings will be released this coming friday.
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matt? >> george lewis out in nevada for us. george, thank you very much. it's now four minutes after the hour. here's ann. >> matt, thanks. now to politics. this morning president obama will unveil his plans for more than $3 trillion in deficit reductions. his proposals are recommendations to a supercommittee charged with finding big budget savings by thanksgiving. nbc's christian welker is at the white house with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. senior administration officials say president obama will speak from the rose garden and will pledge to veto any bill that performs entitlements without increasing tax revenue. some of the highlights of the president's plan he'll announce later on "today." it will unveil $580 billion, but social security is off the table. a trillion and a half from tax revenues including letting the bush tax cuts expire and rolling back tax breaks on wealthy
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americans. now, the reforms to the tax code will be guided but the buffett rule named after warren buffett and says that millionaires can't be taxed at a lower rate than middle class americans. now, the president hasn't even spoken yet, but the battle lines are already being drawn with democrats saying they like this plan. they like that social security is off the table. but some republicans say they won't support anything that increases taxes. they say that part of the plan is dead on arifle. >> kristen, thank you. we'll talk to former president bill clinton about his ideas and what he thinks we should be doing. to the other top stories. natalie is standing by at the news desk. good morning. >> we missed you, ann. good morning, everyone. in his first interview since a new york hotel maid accused him of sexual assault, dominique strauss-kahn said he regretted the incident calling the sexual
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encounter a "moral failing." he denied using, though, violence against nafissatou diallo. a new york judge waived the sexual assault charges against strauss-kahn last month. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad arrived in new york for the united nations general assembly. iran's courts, meanwhile, are considering a $1 million bail deal to release those two american hikers jailed there but the hikers must wait until tuesday for a second judge to approve the deal. as you heard it was tv's biggest night at the emmy awards. "modern family" swept up a total of five statues including best comedy series again and "mad money" won again for best drama. meanwhile, alec baldwin brought drama of his own and refused to appear on the show after fox sensored a joke he made about the parent company news corps and their ongoing hacking scandal, however, charlie sheen was cool as a cucumber and wished his former castmates on "two and a half men" all the best as they start their new
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season without him this week, even tweeted this picture of himself with his replacement on the show ashton kutcher. much more on the emmys still ahead. 7:07. back to matt, ann and stefanie. he generally seemed to mean it. >> water under the bridge. no question about it, natalie, thank you very much. al has the morning off. >> good morning. it should be a quiet day for us. a little cloudy.
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a mix of clouds and sunshine. we don't expect any rain. high-temperature expected in the upper 70's >> matt, over to you. >> all right, stephanie, thank you very much. now back to politics and a morning exclusive. what will it take to turn the nation's struggling economy around? we're joined now by the former president of the united states, bill clinton, mr. president, good to see you. >> thank you, matt. >> sixth global initiative getting that under way in new york this week and you'll bring together the top minds in the world and the world of business. i guess we would all want to be a fly on the wall and we would want to pull up a chair because one of the things you'll be discussing is jobs, jobs, jobs. are you going to come up or hear ideas you think can dramatically help? >> i tell you yes and no, that
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is, keep in mind, we work all over the world. >> uh-huh. >> and there are literally hundreds of millions of people looking for jobs all over the world. this is a global meltdown. and the crash occurred in 2008 about four months before the president took office, and if you go back several hundred years on average when the financial system collapses, it takes longer for countries to get out of it. at least five years. so we'd be talking about how to speed it up in areas where that's occurred and in areas where you didn't have it, how to speed it up. yes, i think there will be a lot of good ideas. >> cynics are going to listen to what you're saying, mr. clinton and say five years, he's saying it will take four or five years. conveniently that takes us right through the election and we should have patience. i know you're looking at history. >> conveniently that's the truth. when the japanese did it and they had a lot more stimulus
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spending than we did because they had more money, because they hadn't gone back -- he they didn't double the debt before it happened as the previous administration in congress did, it still took them ten years to get out of it because they didn't reform their banking system. i think the quickest thing we could do to move out of this would be to clear this mortgage debt more quickly, that is, the -- everybody that's got an underwater mortgage where it's worth more than the house or lengthening it out, if they could still make the payment, give the people the option to convert it into rent and that to cover -- the taxes and utilities and maintenance instead of dumping more houses on the market. there are lots of variations on that. if you did that and you cleaned up the banks' balance sheets then i think there's enough money in the banks and in corporate treasuries to get this
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economy going again. we could beat the five-year period but would have to -- >> you sit down in your role these days and meet with some of the biggest business leaders in the world and particularly in this country. by all accounts businesses, corporations in this country are sitting on about $2 trillion in cash. >> that's correct. >> and not spending it. they're not hiring people. when you talk to those leaders, what is the one reason they give you that they're afraid to spend that money and hire people? >> well, first, they don't give me just one reason. the demand is weak. they're not sure that if they do hire more people, the products they make will be sold. most of them believe that we should have a more competitive tax system in america, no one complains about the price of labor. no one complains about the quality of labor. all the corporations that i talked to said the american workers are highly productive and work like crazy, they're more flexible. they like that.
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so what i think what we have to do is to find ways sector by sector to increase sales for them and to make our business taxes more competitive. there's some businesses that pay as little as 15% on their income and others that pay the full 35% and we need to level it out so everybody pays about the same. >> you talk about increasing the markets and i'm getting people to buy things so let's talk about the average consumer, okay. people out there hearing terms like double-dip recession that we're back in the dumps in the economy and the average consumer says this is the time to hunker down. i am going to cut to the bone. i'm not going to spend. if you were still president how would you convince the average consumer out there that they've got to help us by spending all way out of this recession? >> well, first we can't completely spend our way out of the recession. the problem -- keep in mind, before the financial collapse occurred in september 2008, our economy had had eight years with virtually no job growth because
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all the economic growth was in consumer spending and finance and home buying. so there's some understandable reluctance and what i would say to the consumer there, you don't have to overdo it. if the president's plan to lower the payroll tax 50% passes, that's worth about $1,500 to every family. if -- let's say they're worried about it. if every family spent a thousand of it and saved 500 of it, then that would help to grow the economy. and begin to start this again. keep in mind in addition to what you said about corporations, the banks have $2 trillion uncommitted to loans, there's enough money here to get this thing going again. >> as part of what the president is going to announce this morning, his long-term deficit reduction plan, the buffett rule and heard a lot about it after buffett came out and said, look, you have to have wealthier americans pay more and mitch
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mcconnell said we've thrown a big wet blanket over the private sector economy and now we're threatening to raise taxes on top of it. that's not going to get the economy moving. what's your reaction to that? >> that's what they always say. that's what they said about me. they said when i asked -- when i became president, we had a different kind of recession but i asked that the same -- the wealthiest americans who had had their incomes grow the most in eight years before i took office and had had repeated tax cuts to give back some of that money so we could balance the budget and get interest rates down and it worked and all the time that the republicans in washington always say the same thing, any tax on any upper income person is bad because they're job creator. it's an insult to those people. they don't mind being asked to pay their fair share and if their incomes went up more and they certainly -- 90% of the income gains in the last decade
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went to the top 10% of us. 40% to the top 1% of us who also got the lion's share of the tax -- >> you're saying it's the same old, same old. 1995, you're president of the united states. have bob dole running the senate and newt gingrich running the house and now barack obama, he's got the senate but he's got john boehner over in the house. you got things done. you know, you reformed social security. you balanced the budget. what's different today? what's changed? >> well, first of all, we got things done in the election year, 1996. in 1995, we didn't get much done because they shut the government down twice trying to force me to agree to eliminate the environmental protection agency and eliminate -- >> then they decided to work with you. >> because the american people made their preferences clear so i think all this -- i think first of all speaker boehner, i think, would like to have a relationship with president obama but he doesn't want a working relationship at the
7:17 am
expense of being kicked out as speaker and, you know, the american people voted for this house of representatives. they put them -- tea party in control of the house, and so they basically are two minds here. it will ee play out i think pretty much the way it did i in '95/'96. >> it's clearly a changed dynamic. politics ahead of the good of the country. when you travel around the world as part of your role for the global initiative, do you find the similar dynamic in other countries all over the world. >> no, all over the world, the conservatives and liberals disagree about how much should be taxes, how much should be spending cuts, you know, but they always are talking about how to do something. their arguments are much more rooted in the real world. they're much more interested in what works. this is the only major country that i go to where people just take a position that it doesn't matter, that there's no facts to support it. like -- and i really -- a lot of
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people -- >> is it true of democrats and republicans by the way? they don't play politics equally? >> no, no, the democrats are not blameless and democrats will be given a chance to deal with the long-term problems in health care spending, but mostly this is the anti-government extreme position that you see on this tax thing. that, no, we'll never raise another penny on taxes no matter how well off they are. it scares people around the world. they think americans have basically voted for a government that's ideological and too uprooted from facts and that bothers them. >> 39% of the people right now think barack obama is doing a good job. 52% do not. you add to that 9.1% unemployment. can he get re-elected? >> oh, yeah, it's a little bit early to be writing his obituary and it's a little bit early to
7:19 am
be worried about it. look, this country is hurting. you say 9% unemployment but we all know -- >> it's more than that. >> it's de facto 15%. if you look at how many have quit looking for jobs, they're not counted. if you look at how many people are in part-time jobs that don't have full-time jobs, that's all that really matters. i think what he did is a good thing, what he's going to do, saying, okay, when the economy gets going again, here's what i think we should do to bring the deficit down. that's a good thing, but right now what we need to do is get the economy going again. i think what i'm trying to do is gather people to talk about what will get the banks to loan and get the corporations to spend and what would do that not just here but in other places around the world. >> we've sat down and talked about your global initiative on a number of occasions. one of the things that's always impressed me. you're really good in a closed room. i mean you get people to commit to things to invest money that they perhaps didn't even think they were going to invest.
7:20 am
you know, you put the squeeze on them and i mean that in the nicest possible way. are you surprised at how good you are at that? >> it's easier when there's no politics involved. i think if everybody -- if all the politicians and the business people would bring the same attitude to this in washington that we can here because nobody is running for anything, i think it would have the same results. we need to -- we just need to focus on what works again and what works -- here it is in a sentence, what works in bringing the economy back is cooperation. what works in getting on the news programs and politics is conflict. conflict is great for politics, great for news coverage, lousy for economic policy. that's what the problem is. we got to go back to a cooperative environment where everybody kicks in a little. >> 30 seconds to end on a lighter note.
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when you were president, you were known for your appetite. man, you loved the doughnuts and junk food. anything southern fried. now we sit here and you're just turned 65. had a quadruple bypass and you're a vegan. >> no, you know, when you get older your appetites change and abate and you're more interested in having another good day so i ha had's like to have as many good days as possible and this seems the best way to get it. >> nice to have you. just ahead, complete coverage of last night's prime time emmy awards putting a run-in between charlie sheen and ashton kutcher. this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question.
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just ahead police in aruba reknack the disappearance of robyn gardner. we're in live. >> and talk about the newest
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♪ [ male announcer ] toyota presents the prius family. ♪ walk if i want, talk if i want ♪ [ male announcer ] there's the original one... the bigger one... the smaller one... and the one that plugs in. they're all a little different, just like us. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal 11 news today. >> good morning. on stan stovall. 7:26. sarah caldwell has traffic. >> good morning. it's monday. looking at delays around the area and some accident. frederick avenue at overrode,
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there is an overturned vehicle. -- overbrook. and reisterstown road at kenmar road has delays. there is an accident with police and rescue on the scene at upshur street and maggie street in brooklyn. continued closure is on portions of the one that lost to the titans yesterday or the one from last week? -- continued closure is on portions of offutt road and gore's mill road. website delays, approaching 795 all the way down to edmundston. now to tony. >> if there's a little cloud cover to start the day. but we don't expect any rain. you might need a light jacket. 56 of the airport.
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today's forecast, a mixture of clouds and sunshine. highs in the upper 60's's and low 70's. still below the average highs. warmer by the middle of the week and getting a little rainfall by then. the best chance on tuesday and friday. 20% or 30% wednesday or thursday. high temperatures around 80. autumn begins friday morning and will feel like it next week and. >> big party at your house next friday morning. a check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information and throughout the morning. we will be back in 25 minutes with another update.
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7:30 on this monday morning, the 19th of september, 2011. a chilly morning this morning out in the plaza. at summer winds down and take a look. a lot of exuberant fans. alongside matt lauer and we'll here from marine sergeant dakota meyer putting himself in front of enemy fire five separate
7:31 am
times and saved 36 members of his team and he'll share his remarkable story coming up. >> need more people like that in this country. also ahead, casey anthony's parents respond to the most shocking allegations made at their daughter's murder trial. we'll hear from them including their revealing answer when asked if they would let casey baby-sit if her brother has a child. >> meantime, i didn't get a chance to watch the emmy awards. all the highlights if you missed it. we'll break down the winners and snubs and backstage encounter between charlie sheen and ashton kutcher, charlie's replacement on "two and a half men" coming up. >> let's begin with new developments in the disappearance of robyn gardner in aruba. in a moment we'll talk emotionally to jose baez, the newest member of the defense team for gary giordano, the prime suspect in the case but jeff rossen is in aruba with the latest. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. hard to believe it's been six weeks since all of this began,
7:32 am
still no sign of robyn and no direct evidence that gary giordano did anything to her. that there was any crime committed. today for the first time, police are going to head down to the beach a couple of mys from where i'm standing where robyn was last seen and they're going to re-enact her final moments. police have combed this beach over and over again looking for robyn gardner, but nothing. the prime suspect, gary giordano, even helped them before thhis arrest but leads a drying up and they'll do something today they haven't done before. act out the scene, step by step, moment by moment. so how is this going to work. >> the police are going to be actors and will go into the water with snorkel gear and be gary and robyn and follow exactly the first statement that gary actually made. >> reporter: to see if what he
7:33 am
said is actual possible? >> it's the most important part of the investigation right now. >> reporter: gary giordano claims it was a snorkeling accident. robyn got pulled under and he saved himself, that there was no crime. but there were no witnesses. this surveillance video licensed exclusively by nbc news may be the key putting robyn and gary together right before her disappearance on august 2nd. robyn looks relaxed and carefree at this beachside restaurant. law enforcement sources tell nbc news police asked giordano to e reenact it but he declined. >> they're taking it seriously. secondly more important you may find evidence that hasn't been found before. >> reporter: even without giordano's cooperation, the surveillance tape reveals his behavior in the minutes after he reported her missing. shirtless wearing a bathing suit he returns to the restaurant looking for help, knocking on
7:34 am
doors. no one answered. do you believe he's innocent? >> i believe he's innocent. >> reporter: gary giordano's father frank speaks with his son in prison by phone. he called the conditions behind bars miserable, but now a sudden change. >> sounds a lot better mentally and physically than he did the last time i talked to him. getting used to his surroundings, i'm afraid. >> reporter: we're told police wanted to do the reenactment today because the wind and water currents are pretty much similar to the day robyn disappeared. they've been waiting quite a while for that to line up to see if it's possible for her body to wash out if she was, in fact, drowned or what else could have happened. important to note that gary giordano remains behind bars here but still hasn't been charged with anything. >> all right, jeff rossen in aruba this morning. jeff, thank you very much. jose baez was lead attorney for casey anthony. now a member of gary giordano's defense team and with us
7:35 am
exclusively. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> what kind of role do you expect to play on the defense according to the laws in aruba? you can't argue this in case. what goes into your role? >> i'll be involved in the defense investigation and analyzing the forensic evidence, coordinating the presentation of evidence and assisting with whatever matters may arise here in the united states. >> based on what you've seen so far, is he getting the kind of representation he needs in aruba and will you bring members of your team down there to add to that team? >> well, we probably will add to the team but most likely in the area of forensic science if any surfaces, serge it doesn't look like that's going to be possible. >> as jeff mentioned in his piece he sits in jail. has not binghamton charged with a crime and denies being involved in any crime. you've met with him on several occasions. what's his level of frustration? >> well, just like anyone else would be in this position but, in fact, let me correct you, he's in prison, not in jail.
7:36 am
they've moved him from the jail over to the prison where he is currently with convicted felons, violent offenders and in conditions that are extremely deplorable. >> talk to me about what you know so far, jose, about the strength of the prosecution's case? i almost hesitate to say the strength of the case because he hasn't been charged with a crime yet but what do they think they have that allows them to keep him in prison? >> i think the aruban authorities are under a great deal of pressure because of the natalee holloway situation. >> previously unsolved murder. >> absolutely and they don't want to appear like they're not doing an extensive job or a thorough investigation. i think they've done an extensive and thorough investigation in this case. unfortunately, they're not being able to turn up anything because there is no evidence he committed a crime because he simply did not commit a crime. >> a couple of the facts in the story so far. gary giordano says he and robyn gardner were snorkeling on the day she disappeared. they became separated and that he then feared for his life so returned to shore.
7:37 am
feared for his life, why? >> because the currents and the conditions got extremely bad immediately. i've been down there. i've seen the location. it's calm one minute and it can get rough the next. so things like that do happen when you're out in the waters and, in fact, a year and a half ago a japanese couple drifted out to sea and drowned. >> so based on your conversations and i know that's attorney/client privilege but does he think there's a possibility that robyn gardner is still alive? >> i don't think so. you know, we're going along the lines that she drowned. i know there's lots of speculation. that's just another bit of speculation. certainly if robyn was still alive she would have turned up by now. she would have presented herself and gary wouldn't be going through this. >> the thing that raises the most eyebrows is here's a guy that took out a $1.5 million accidental death policy before this trip named himself as the
7:38 am
beneficiary in the event of robyn gardner's death and you have to ask, that's so random. why would he do that? >> well, i can give you a perfectly good explanation that has not been out there and the fact is it's a travel insurance policy. >> right. >> and -- >> accidental death clause in it. >> and rental clause, medical, dental. he previously went on a trip where he incurred a lot of loss and since he traveled numerous times with the same travel policy and with other companions that he has taken out this travel policy on who are alive and well and fine and this was just an unfortunate incident that occurred while they were on vacation. >> real quickly, the police are conducting a reenactment today hoping to re-create conditions of robyn gardner's disappearance and perhaps drowning. gary giordano has refused to take part, why? >> well, when the issue came up, my vote was no way. i think it's absurd to try and
7:39 am
re-create the -- and replicate the conditions of the ocean on a specific day two months ago. i don't think it's possible. i think and the solicitor general has come out publicly and said we're doing this to shoot holes in his story. well, when all else fails and you reach the level of desperation that's exactly what they try to do and i've deferred to the aruban lawyers because i'm not licensed in that jurisdiction, however, gary, it's ultimately up to gary what he decides to do and fortunately in my opinion he's decided against it. >> jose baez. thanks for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. 7:39. a check of the weather from stephanie abrams in for al. >> "today's" weather brought to you by advil. make the switch now. >> melissa is joining us from her bachelor etette party.
7:40 am
wearing this all day. >> yes, i am. >> another celebrating a birthday from texas. how do you like it? >> i love it. >> you love it, here's a look at what's happening. chilly here into the northeast. and the same actually all the way down into the deep south. warming up through the plains as we head through the day and some showers. as i was mentioning from texas, >> good morning. it will be a dry spot to the workweek. we should stay dry. we have some rain in the forecast later tonight and tomorrow. a mix of clouds and sunshine >> so i just learned it's talk like a pirate day. national talk like a pirate.
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arrr. i don't know how pirates talk. >> we'll have to work on that. all right, stephanie, thank you very much. up next, a marine who was just awarded the medal of honor for saving 36 lives in afghanistan. he'll share a remarkable story right after this. -i love this card. -with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. it's 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% cash back on oscar. ...tony. oscar! 2% back on whatever she'll eat. 3% back on filling up this baby. [ male announcer ] now get 1-2-3 percent cash back. it's that simple. [ male announcer ] apply online or at a bank of america near you. we're talking 3% back on gas. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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7:44 am
reason to receive this honor. sergeant meyer, good morning. >> good morning. >> i understand you also got a beer with the president, got to have one of those. but what was the moment? what was the feeling in that moment as soon as you received this medal around your neck? >> it was a sigh of relief. you know, it's been going on a while. we never knew if it was going to come through or not. you know, just getting it around your neck and being able to honor those guys that died that day is just -- it's a really good feeling. a lot of mixed emotions with it. >> that day was in september of 2009. it was in a valley in afghanistan. you heard your team calling for support. i know you're taking a deep breath because this is not a nice memory. the team was being ambushed by insurgents. you requested to enter the fight four times and were denied each time because you were told it's too dangerous yet you chose to defy orders and you put yourself in the center of this fight. why did you defy orders?
7:45 am
>> it wasn't just me. we had a team going back in there but we decided that it was the thing to do. you know, it's -- you know, u.s. troops were in there getting shot at. a simple decision. >> you took control of a gun atop a humvee and you went and found your team. what followed was a six-hour firefight. you went straight into the heavy enemy fire five separate times and you saved the lives of 36 marines and soldiers. what was in your mind as you went in deeper every time into this firefight? >> you know, my main thing was i was looking for those guys. i couldn't get radio contact with them so we kept going deeper and deeper and deeper. we didn't know if they were set up because of the terrain or what reason. we couldn't get ahold of them was -- but we had planned out they would try to get to the
7:46 am
road and we were going to pick them up and, you know, we kept looking for them on the road and figured if they got deeper, if we got close enough and run out, it just never happened. >> when you know that four men died that day, when you wear this medal on your -- this is the one right here. when you wear that, are you thinking of them or the ones you saved? >> you know, all of them. you know, it's about the guys that died. there was five guys that died. four that died that day and sergeant first class westbrook died later on from wounds sustained in that battle and, you know, i just think about all of them. i think about the guys that died that day. it's for the marine corps. it's for the marines. when i wear it i'm just the one wearing it but the marine corps is just as much pine as it is the marines. >> you're now 23 years old. you were just 21 when it happened and you are one of the youngest ever to receive this great honor and you're now out of the marine corps, i understand. you're now working construction. >> yes, ma'am.
7:47 am
>> you're proud of that job. >> i am. >> what's the future for you, sir? >> who knows. i'm just trying to take it all with stride and, you know, right now i'm just looking at working with my cousin. >> in construction, but at the same time, you're thinking of others. i understand you started the scholarship initiative for children of those serving our country. >> i did. i did. you know, i started the scholarship dakota meyer scholarship initiative for marines, wounded in combat, their children, so hopefully we can help pave the road to success by helping them get an education. >> raising money. people are going to send you money. you hope to raise a million dollar. >> that's what i challenged myself to raise, a million dollars and hoping america will match dollar for dollar. that's my challenge to america. you can do that on >> we wish you so much luck ahead. we're coming up next swit switching up gears and charlie sheen's backstage visit with his replacement on "two and a half men." that's coming up right after this. welcome, to the simply orange tour.
7:48 am
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or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. we're back now at 7:50 with highlights from the 63rd prime time emmy awards that included a surprise appearance from charlie sheen. we have the latest on this. kristen, good morning. >> good morning, matt. tv's biggest night. some the stars in hollywood still celebrating this morning. this year's emmys had everything, surprise, upsets and one heartfelt moment that nobody expected.
7:51 am
♪ >> reporter: after the first few awards were handed out you would have thought "modern family" was the only thing on tv. >> oh, my god. >> julie bowen kicked off the night as outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series. her tv husband won for supporting actor. >> "modern family." >> reporter: "modern family" won five awards including a repeat win for outstanding comedy series. >> we've decided to throw them into the drama pa category just to see what happens. >> reporter: there was little drama in the drama category. "mad money" won for the fourth year in a row. julianna margulies won best actress for "the good wife." but kyle chandler was the surprise winner for lead actor for the critically acclaimed "friday night lights." >> wow! >> reporter: the biggest snub of
7:52 am
the night steve carell of "the office" losing to jim parsons who won for his role in "big bang theory." >> this is so odd. >> reporter: odd perhaps because the award was presented to him by charlie sheen who provided the highlight of the night wishing luck to the cast and crew of "two and a half men," the show that fired him last season. >> from the bottom of my heart, i wish you nothi but the best for this upcoming season. >> reporter: sheen even posted pictures on twitter taken backstage with ashton kutcher who replaced him on "two and a half men." he also tweeted a message to kutcher that read "great talking to you. we'll be watching. make us proud." >> now on to the emmy. [ applause ] >> reporter: all six nominees for best actors in a comedy series took to the stage and brought the crowd to its feet before melissa mccarthy of "mike & molly" was crowned the winner. >> my first and best pageant
7:53 am
ever. >> reporter: and though she didn't win for best supporting actress first time host "glee's" jane lynch is getting rave reviews for a fun-filled show, matt. >> kristen dahlgren out in los angeles, thank you very much. i didn't get to see the show but hearing from our control room when charlie sheen got up there to wish the cast of "two and a half men" the best of the season, the season almost didn't know how to react. >> right. sounded like he was going to be sarcastic but then he wasn't. anyway, also talking about the fashions, by the way. >> that's right, but first a look at your local news. i love this time of year but my nose doesn't. it gets stuffed up and that means i stay up all night. good mornings? not likely! i've tried the pills, the sprays even some home remedies. then i tried something new. [ male announcer ] drug-free breathe right nasal strips. [ woman ] you just put it on and...amazing! instant relief. i breathed better, slept better. and woke up ready to face a fresh new day.
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7:56 am
go to to learn about a free trial offer. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal 11 news. >> good morning. i'm stan stovall. 7:56. now to sarah caldwell. >> a busy morning rush hour. we are dealing with delays on this monday morning and an accident in the paxil region and at reisterstown road and stone chapel. 33 miles an hour on southbound 95 approaching white marsh down
7:57 am
to approaching the 895 split, delays. on the westside, 15 miles per hour is through the outer loop stretch. that backing up traffic on southbound 95. continued closures on portions of offutt road and gore's mill road. 295 southbound traffic coming toward us. there is a little backup around 175. that the latest on traffic. now to tony. >> good morning. a quiet start. there is a little cloud cover in some spots. there's no rainfall expected today. the 58 airports, 52 in parkton. he might be a light jacket, but no umbrella is necessary. high temperatures in the upper 60's and low 70's. there's a chance of rain blowing up this week. best chance is tuesday and
7:58 am
friday. then cooling off into the weekend with highs in the 60's on saturday. >> thank you. tech the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic throughout the morning. we are back 8:25 with another update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're back now 8:00. it's september 19th, 2011. 53 degrees. a couple of more days officially of summer but fall feels like it's already here. these people don't seem to mind. miami matt lauer along with ann curry. welcome back. >> you're so sweet. a big hug for that. i'm wearing a coat because it is a little cold out here. >> it is chili.
8:01 am
>> we'll have much more coming up including more of that interview that cindy and george anthony have just done talking about their daughter casey's murder trial. coming up, what george felt when the defense accused him of molesting his own daughter and cindy's surprising answer when asked the question, would you let casey, your daughter baby-sit a new grandchild. what she had to say. >> that should be interesting. also coming up which stars shined the brightest on the red carpet at the emmy awards and who is regretting his or her fashion choice? some of the most memorable outfits of the evening. that is fun. we women love to take a look at fashions. >> it is fun. also speaking of women, great information for women on their health. the four vaccines you simply must know about. we'll get to that but first -- >> a check of the news and we've got natalie, of course, at the news desk. >> good morning again, ann and matt and good morning, everyone.
8:02 am
president obama unveils his plan to cut the deficit by more than $3 trillion today. the highlights include $1 trillion in savings by drawing down troops in iraq and afghanistan. and saving the $580 billion by reforming medicare and medicaid if congress agrees to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy. changes to social security are off the table. investigators are searching memory cards from an onboard camera for clues to what caused the air show crash that killed at least nine people friday in reno, nevada. world war ii era plane went down near a crowd of spectators after losing a piece of its tail section apparently. police are blaming the pakistani taliban for a car bombing that killed eight in karachi this morning. the attack comes just a day after secretary of state hillary clinton asked them to crack down on the violence there. a new report says the
8:03 am
increased use of nighttime raids by u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan causes resentment that undercuts whatever military gains they produce according to the open society foundation. it says night raid tactics have improved and have reduced civilian casualties. now, let's head to wall street and melissa francis is at the new york stock exchange. how is wall street starting off. >> good morning to you. yeah, all about government paying their bills. the focus on greece, the imf eneu not releasing any more rescue funds to them until they clean up their act and cut spending. greece is supposed to get another $11 billion next month. in the meantime, major indices around the world are sagging on the lack of an end game. u.s. indices fall as well even though the dow was up 500 points last week. back to you. >> thank you. now for a look at what's trending. our quick round of what have you looking. financial heavyweights on russian tv going viral. a billionaire millionaire tycoon
8:04 am
landed two punches on a billionaire tycoon. qwikster is the talk. netflix will rename part of their division as qwikster. charlie sheen, the talk of the web when he wished nothing but the best for his old series "two and a half men" at last night's emmy awards and even tweeted this picture of himself with his replacement on the show, ashton kutcher. meanwhile, alec baldwin pulled out of the fox tv broadcast after learning a pretaped joke about ceo rupert murdoch's hacking scandal had been cut. he tweeted if i were enmeshed in a scandal where i hacked phones of families of innocent crime victims purely for profit, i'd want that to go away too. back to ann and matt. >> alec baldwin, the first,
8:05 am
we'll hear from him. meantime -- >> a check of the weather. al is off but testify na abrams from the weather channel is joining us. >> i'm with a group here. they want you to go to this website. kathy, what has it done for you. >> i was diagnosed with cancer right before my wedding so it's allowed me to get married, go on my honeymoon and live happily ever after with my husband. many we're asking everyone to share their cancer milestones and how cancer research has helped them. >> congratulations. glad you're here. a pick city for the day today. we'll take you into steubenville, ohio, to the west of pittsburgh. showers, 66 degrees. otherwise, the rest of the nation will be dry for the most part in the northeast and around the four corners. >> declined to be a dry day. still a little on the cool side for this time of year. high temperatures this afternoon
8:06 am
in the upper 60's and low 70's. >> and over to you, ann. >> thanks a lot, stephanie. the parents of casey anthony, will they allow her to baby-sit if they were to have another grandchild. their surprising answer is coming up right after this. did you know that the sources of bad breath are hidden in the contours of your teeth & tongue. introducing a breakthrough for aquafresh. new extreme clean pure breath action. its micro active foam penetrates those hard to reach places. and it now contains a mineral compound that captures and neutralizes bad breath odors giving you 80% cleaner, purer breath. for all the confidence of pure breath try new extreme clean pure breath action from aquafresh.
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8:10 am
back now with new details from george and cindy field goal. they spoke out to dr. phil and nbc's kerry sanders talked to him at length. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. dr. phil sat down with george and cindy anthony for more than nine hours over two days. part three of his interview that airs later this afternoon covers a wide range of topics including the bombshell allegations from opening statement that casey's father, george, sexually molested her. >> it all began when casey was 8 years old and her father came into her room and began to touch
8:11 am
other inappropriately. >> i wanted to go and jump over this little railing that we had and i wanted to confront mr. baez on what he said. i haven't cared for him from day one. i just had that bad feeling but when he said that, i thought, you know, pal, you've already destroyed me, you're just trying to destroy me some more but you know something, i stood up in front of him and i told him you're not taking away my joy no more. >> have you ever sexually molested your daughter casey anthony? >> no, sir. >> not only is the interviewer but as an expert what did you take away from george's answer? >> that's a difficult thing to be accused of the most heinous crime any parent could be accused of but i thought he looked me square in the eye and answered in a forthright fashion. >> you conclude? >> my conclusion is that he did not molest his daughter and i don't think it's even a close
8:12 am
call. you said her brother lee is about to get married and you're about to become grandparents. >> absolutely. >> would you feel comfortable with casey baby-sitting that grandchild. >> i think i would. >> you would let casey baby-sit. >> i think lee would allow her to baby-sit, as well. >> that's a decision for lee and his future wife mallory to make. if cindy and lee have a relationship with casey, that's great. i don't think i can have that relationship again with my daughter. maybe somewhere down the road i might change my mind. i do love her. i don't like what she's done to the family. >> you asked a very interesting question which i think took george and cindy by surprise. you think you caught them off guard. >> well, after spending as much time as i had with cindy, i guess at one level i might have predicted her response, but i think george answered very honestly. i think he said at the end of
8:13 am
the section part of the interview that, you know, he is very suspicious that casey had a very active role in causing the death, not just covering it up after the fact. >> reporter: casey anthony was, of course, acquitted on the murder charges that she allegedly murdered her daughter caylee. meantime, casey is in the state of florida where she's serving a one-year probation but that is for check fraud. matt? >> all right, kerry sanders in miami, thank you very much. jeanine pirro is host of "justice with jeanine." before we get to specifics your overall reaction to what you heard in this interview? >> not a lot of new news. i don't think -- i don't think any of this is surprising that the mother feels it's her mothering skills on the line, it's her daughter who she loves. she sides with her daughter, that the father who has been accused of molestation would be
8:14 am
wounded beyond belief and really unable to continue the relationship. >> look, i don't think there was any surprise in this. i sat in that courtroom. cindy is the ultimate apologist for her daughter who is at best is an irresponsible mother and at worst someone directly involved in the killing and george anthony is someone understandably angry. he's been accused of the taboo, the molestation of his daughter. no evidence, no proof. he wasn't in a position to defend himself. >> one specific point when cindy anthony took to the stand during the trial and talked about she was the one conducting those searches for chloroform on the internet, later it turned out the searches themselves were called into question. most people say she perjured herself. she denies it, by the way. >> we knew when she stepped off the witness stand and looked at her daughter and mouthed i love you, we almost fell off our chairs but she cinched it when she took blame for the
8:15 am
chloroform. it was provable perjury. i don't think the prosecution had a stomach to go after another anthony. >> there's another point where in the interview with dr. phil george anthony is talking about the possibility that casey used some sort of drugs, as a chemical baby-sitter on her daughter and cindy looked and said that's the first time in three years i've ever heard that come out of his mouth. it raised the question to me what do they talk about? >> obviously, you know, you never know in a marriage. let me just say that. sometimes couples talk about remarkably little. but in this case that's going to be the determining factor as to whether they survive or not as a couple. in private, does he say to her, look, this isn't -- i feel this way but i don't think it's your fault. you were a good mother, in private does she say to him, look, i don't believe you molested our child. if those things don't go on. if there is no talking of that sort like we saw evidence there might not be, i don't see a future here. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it's the first
8:16 am
time she ever heard him say it's possible she chloroformed our granddaughter. that was the issue in the trial. it's been two years. i think that cindy apologizes and excuses everything. i don't think she's on this planet. >> gentlemen near pirro and gail saltz, appreciate it. the fashions on display at last night emmy awards. we trablg a look at those right after this. so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ]
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8:20 am
back now at 8:19 with the fashions on display at last night's emmy awards. who impressed on the red carpet and who came up short. lloyd boston of "the style checklist" is with us and jill martin is a "u.s. weekly" contributor so thank you first of all both of you for that. >> great to be back. >> one of the headlines, there was a lot of red on the red carpet. >> it's a smart choice. i mean you have to be a powerful woman to pull it off and i think if you don't come with that kind of confidence it may not work so kate winslet we saw in a gorgeous red gown. carrie washington looked amazing. simple jewelry. looks like it's growing but if you have curves like sofia ha, that's a great choice. >> a body skimming, a marquesa.
8:21 am
>> she plays a teen sometimes and a woman other times but knows how to straddle the fence. >> she was the hit of the night and makes everybody's hit list. look at this. it's just beautiful and knows how to work the red carpet. it's the cowl neck. one of the only ones in marquesa. she looked fabulous and one of the only ones that will make everyone -- >> great entrance and great exit. >> what about the aforementioned of sophia have v. >> look at her in vera wang. about her jewelry, do you like them? they're huge. those earrings, i mean she always has so much fun on the red carpet. she could look beautiful in anything. i think she worked it. >> notice the earrings don't match the dress. a lot would go matchy-matchy. i love the latin flair.
8:22 am
>> good sense of humor it's great. >> let's talk about julianna margulies. how are we going to do there? >> you're shaking your head already. >> the positive first. i thought the shape was beautiful. >> all right. >> i didn't like the embellishments. sort of those big teardrop armani preve. >> judy jetson called and wants her dress back. look at this dress. she's never -- she's always on my hit list. this is armani and she chose it the night before at 9:00 p.m. she did a collection for lady gaga. maybe it was in that. i'm just saying i always think she's beautiful and a hit but that dress did not work on her body. >> she looks better than i could look in any dress but gwyneth paltrow, what do you think? >> i love gwyneth because she thumbs her nose to the red carpet these days. always been a risk taker. she's showing full mid riff. looked a lot better in person i have to tell you because it's
8:23 am
sexy and knows her lines but i also think she doesn't like to play into the current trends. she follows her own -- >> are we seeing like she's wearing -- >> is that see through and her legs on her. >> sheer illusion. >> she said when she was on the red carpet, i think this is really see-through. i don't think she realized how see-through it was. >> oh, come on. >> with her stomach exposed -- she usually is fabulous. >> i don't know how you get on the red carpet without knowing. what about heidi klum. >> i wasn't digging it. i tell you why i wasn't digging it because i think heidi always looks best in something more classic. you know, she's giving one of her former contestants a nod, christian seriano. in classic shape she always looks stronger. the woman i know as a model. >> you're not even done with the list. we have to go. you had so much to say. we have to bring you guys back
8:24 am
on later. we'll talk to lloyd boston and jill martin. i'm sure many, many times about this. thank you very much for that. now here's matt. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. the much anticipated drama "the playboy club" stars eddie sibrian, a lawyer with a dark past. >> evening trip. nice work. who knew a broad could be such a good lawyer. >> is she new? >> glad you're having fun. >> eddie, good morning. welcome back. thank you. nick dalton is perfect. kind of. >> kind of. >> what's the problem with this guy. >> this guy obviously he gets involved with the bunnies and that complicates his life, period. but he has a mysterious past. he was involved, you know, a little bit with the mob and so he's trying to break free from that. >> i know actors and show creator probably even more hate it when you compare one show to
8:25 am
another but already there are comparisons between this show, some people said it's kind of like "mad money" meets "the godfather." fair or unfair. >> i think it's a little unfair. what else are you going to compare it to because that's the only other show based in this era that's on television so really you're going to compare it to that but they're completely unique shows. "mad money" is a very -- is subtle kind of fluence show and, you know, we're doing a big network show that will be a lot more glitz and glamour and sex withness and visually appealing. >> the show hasn't even aired yet, as i mentioned. premieres tonight and already received backlash from the parents tv council. they're reaction to the whole playboy club element. >> true. that's the thing. i think playboy in general, the brand has been steeped in controversy since its inception but what i don't understand they've never seen our show. our show is not about proliferation will the playboy embuyer but around the playboy club and everything that goes
8:26 am
around that in the 1960s and all the characters that come into that playboy club and mingle and this and that so really i don't know why there is this kind of controversy at all. >> and there's some who might argue that a little controversy never hurt. but clearly you want people to take the show for what it is. >> of course, yes. >> eddie >> good morning, the time is 8:26. let's have a final check of the morning commute. >> good morning. still a few accidents working. let's get you up to date. northbound 95 approaching 295 a crash there and lanes closed northbound on route 10 furnace branch road a vehicle fire. 32nd and hill en a crash gone. holding on to the delays on southbound 795 out of owings
8:27 am
mills. 13 miles an hour approaching reisterstown down toward edmondson. for continued closures on gores mil and offutt road. northeast outer loop delay begins approaching belair over to the harrisburg expressway. tapping the brakes inner loop. 95 not bad in southbound. let's look at traffic 2935 toward us southbound easing a bit. delays toward 175 but looking better now. live view of west side nothing there in the outer loop. delays will continue toward edmondson. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." >> good morning. it is a quiet start weatherwise. a little sunshine but the clouds will thicken the next few hours. don't expect any rain. cool, 55 parkton, 61 downtown and 55 in tawneytown. no umbrella. mix of sun and clouds in the
8:28 am
afternoon. highs upper 60's and low 70's. average high is 77. we will get closer to that mark through the middle of the week. it will warm up but we will trade that for a chance of rain, best chance of tuesday and friday. 20% to 30% wednesday and thursday and cool off in the weekend with highs in the 60's. >> thank you for joining us. we will have another updatyou.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> "the playboy club" premieres tonight on nbc. >> 8:30 on this monday morning. the 19th of septem 2011. look at all these nice people that have come to say hello to their loved ones back home.
8:31 am
and the wind is blowing. i'm ann curry alongside natalie morales. matt is inside because he has an assignment he's on. we were talking about a tragic coincidence. two high-profile political families lost on the same day over the weekend and those died at the age of 51. we'll have details on this story coming up. >> very, very sad. all right, in switching gears former "playbook" playmate kendra now reality star out with a new book. in it she opens up about her new life as wife and a new mom. we're going to talk to her about that and what we can expect in the upcoming fourth season of the show on e! >> okay. all right. we got a kiss blown to us from her. i want to say congratulations to you because i understand you're one of the universal team nautica runners on saturday. >> a good friend of mine.
8:32 am
we actually -- our whole team of 205 people raised $130,000 out of $1.1 million for the children's hospital of los angeles. that's my team crossing the finish. >> your husband on the left. >> yes and my friend on the bike and i did the run for the relay team. we competed saturday, as well. a great experience. congratulations to the nbc universal team collectively they all lost 444 pounds, as well so it was all great, great cause and they did very well. >> well done, natalie. thanks so much. let's get a check of the weather. i think i gave you a preview. stephanie abrams, i think you should be wearing a coat. >> i figured out we could survive. we do have survivors. glad you're here. there will no no severe weather in iowa. below normal throughout the
8:33 am
normal plains along the east coast as we head early through the week then as we head later into the week we are going to continue to see those below average temperatures here through the center of the country. above normal along the east coast and with our front moving eastbound, the colder air move >> good morning. it will be a dry spot to the workweek. we should stay dry. we have some rain in the forecast later tonight and tomorrow. a mix of clouds and sunshine >> and for your weather 24 hours a day just go to these guys behind me, they sure look familiar to all of you "30
8:34 am
rock" fans. hi. we are going by 30 kenneth look-alikes, our way of letting you know the hit on nbc will be airing in syndication five nights a week so make sure you check out your local listings. enjoy, everyone. congratulations "30 rock." back to you guys. >> they all have a future there. very good, stephanie abrams, thanks so much. still ahead reality star kendra wilkinson opens up about her personal difficulties but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
back now at 8:36 with a sad death that has two prominent political families in mourning today. kara kennedy, daughter of the late ted kennedy and eleanor mondale, both were just 51 years old. here's nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: the only daughter of senator edward kennedy, kara was born the year her uncle john
8:37 am
f. kennedy won the white house when another president awarded the highest honor it was kara who accepted for her father. two weeks later she greeted mourners and led a prayer when ted kennedy was laid to rest in 2009. >> may his name be blessed forever as long as the sun, his name shall remain. >> reporter: kara endured a grueling fight against lung cancer and died of an apparent heart attack after a workout at a washington health club. brother patrick said the cancer had taken a toll on her bother. her mother joan kennedy said "she is with ted." kara's ambition was not politics but a life behind the camera as a filmmaker and most of all mother to grace who turned 17 today and 14-year-old max. the former vice president and mondale family grieve the loss of daughter eleanor would had long been at ease in the light generated by a famous family.
8:38 am
>> i like campaigning for my dad because it gives me an opportunity to tell people about him. >> reporter: she embraced her own life as a tv and entertainment reporter and saturday her parents said, their daughter had waged a gutsy battle with brain cancer. eleanor in 2009. >> i'm not going to die. not going to get me. i'm going to be all right. >> reporter: two daughters of american politics who were simply given too few years. kara kennedy and eleanor mondale were just 51 years old. for "today," kelly o'donnell, nbc news, washington. >> dr. nancy sneiderman is nbc's chief medical editor. i should have said kara. how common is it to have a heart attack at the age of 51. >> it's not common but i think we have to separate the sort of women and heart disease which we know is the number one killer of women from a young woman who
8:39 am
battled cancer and had been through a course of chemotherapy agents. some of them were standard and aggressive agents. can weaken the lungs and can weaken the heart and sometimes can diminish how effectively the heart pumps blood. so the timing of having done a workout and then collapsing, you know, it may just have been a coincidence. her heart may have been weakened all along, hard to tell but certainly chemotherapy takes a toll on the body. >> if that's true then do patients of cancer who get chemotherapy are they warned about this. >> not only warned but monitored. any patient who gets chemotherapy whether it's for brain cancer or whether it's for lung cancer gets liver monitoring, kidney monitoring, mental monitoring because sometimes you can get something called chemo brain where you get fuzzy but for some drugs like adriamycin we know it can weaken
8:40 am
the heart and it's part of the patient's follow-up. >> eleanor mondale, brain cancer, very, very tough. >> eleanor always talked about the fact that after the first round she really believed her cancer was cured. but brain cancer is particularly -- this type can be really tough. if you look at brain cancer a lot like your outstretched hand, the palm of your hand really is the bulk of the tumor so doctors will say, well, you know, we took out the tumor and on an x-ray you may think the palm of your hand, the bulk of the tumor is gone but these fingers can be little microscopic bits of tumor that can't show up to the naked eye and may not show up on a re-enactment and it's those microscopic tendrils that can go on to be the secondary cancer later and the treatment can be just as tough. i've talked to a lot of cancer patients over my life. there's this morbid joke, sometimes people think it's a tumor that's going to get them but the treatment is even tougher and we may be looking at two cases where it was a combination of both. but untimely.
8:41 am
really untimely and two really remarkable young women >> that's the last word we should say about it. thanks so much. and we're back in just a moment. this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromise on taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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> back now at 8:43. from the girls next door as one of hugh hefner's girlfriends to her own self-titled reality show kendra wilkinson has lived most of her past few years in front of the cameras and shared her marriage to hank bassett and the birth of their son. well, now the season seems to promise it isn't always easy. >> what's in front of our house? >> bank owned property. foreclosure notice. what the hell has happened? we just got this place. how are we getting kicked out of
8:44 am
this place. >> what is this? >> someone is about to get it. >> ooh and she reveals even more in "being kendra." crib, cocktails and i'm getting my sexy back. you write that nobody has a better story than i do in hollywood. a stripper and a druggy and a girl who lived in the playboy mansion ends up with a loving family and shows you can overcome things and become the person you've always wanted to be. i know you felt largely that you've been misunderstood and a lot had to do with the playboy playmate past. how so. >> we obviously get a bad rap for doing what we do and being part of the playboy world as eddie said before. i wanted to prove that is not who i am. you know, i am -- while i lived at the mansion i still had dreams about being a mother, being a wife and just being a regular woman.
8:45 am
you know and living my dreams. >> thank goodness all of that is happening but there's been ups and downs which we've seen on "kendra" on e! going into the fourth season. you think you are dealing with postpartum depression and wrote something just snapped inside me and i ripped everything off the walls and smashed everything. cleared off the shelves and tables and shattered anything breakable. a lot of this as a new mom. you were there often by yourself. what was it you were going through during that time and what makes you think it was postpartum though you were never diagnosed. >> all that attitude. i was, you know, in my first book i explained how i was depresseds a teenager and there were similar feelings that i had after having a baby and moving around the country like a couple times and living in ten different homes in two years did not help anything. and so -- yeah, i had a break l
8:46 am
moment -- braceaking moment and moving around the country. and so, yeah, i had a couple breaking moments and in my book i explain it all. what was going through my head but finally i found myself again and i'm more settled now. we finally found a home. that's, you know, on our fourth season. found our home and i'm happening now. >> talking a little bit. >> yeah, talking. not saying words, but, you know, his -- the language i understand though. >> let's talk about "dancing with the stars" because you did so well last season. you made it through seven weeks. of course, it's starting up again tonight. you were eliminated after seven weeks, so -- and you said it was not as exactly what you expect. you wrote part of me felt like
8:47 am
this is what selling out looks like. what did you mean by that? >> you know, i never-before-released watched the show before ient on. so i was kind of expecting to have a good time. i was expecting it to be like my experience. i'm going to do -- i'm going to have a lot of fun but that wasn't the case. it was a real competition and -- >> too stressful. >> it was a lot of stress and, you know, i was just on "the nancy grace show." she was saying the same things and now it's going to be fun to watch them this season and really know what they go through so the only people -- the people that go on the show are the only people that really know what happens and how hard you have to practice and work. >> speaking of that, of your dancing partner louis van amstel, you wrote and this a little less than flattering. he called me dyslexic, asked me if i was learning disabled. we did reach out to abc and louis did not give us a comment, as well. but why do you think you had that relationship with him and, in fact, he makes a guest
8:48 am
appearance on your new season. is that all water under the bridge now. >> you know, we were wanting to win, both of us and, you know, he's a professional dancer and that's his job. i mean his job was to mold me into a professional dancer in two weeks and that wasn't happening with me. i've never danced before and, you know, there was a moment where i couldn't do a certain move and we kind of went at it so. >> -- >> all is forgiven now. >> that was then. i like to leave the past behind and like to move on and that's why i write books and that's why, you know, i like to talk about my past but then move on with it. it's life. we all make mistake. >> speak of your new show "kendra," the reality show, you did write in the book sometimes things are restaged you write in order for the editors to have continuity when it comes to i.d.
8:49 am
editing. we reached out to kevin burns. he said "we take great pride in the fact that kendra's show is very honest and authentic. it occasionally happens that we miss an important piece of out quo or an important shot or an important moment. if we ever ask them to say it again we are careful to make sure it's authentic to who they are and what was accurate. >> how much of what we see is really real? that is the thing about my show is everything is real. we don't have to plan anything. but just by your re-enacting moments. >> last weekend i was just with my husband for his ten-year reunion and that was the finale for my show and we really needed to get certain things and like the baby would be crying over some stuff we had to say like, oh, it's so great to be together. you know, the last last final -- thing that is we had to say before we ended the show and the baby was crying so, you know, we had to wait till the baby was done crying then we had to
8:50 am
really say what we had to say so i mean there's certain things that we have to resay. >> that's the reality of all of us. that's reality for you. kendra wilkinson, thanks as alwas
8:51 am
8:52 am
mike, good morning and welcome to you, mike. >> thanks, ann. >> a book for middle schoolers ages 10 to 14 and it is not the first book you've written for them. what is it about you and middle school mike? >> my wife always said me writing from inside the mind of a 12-year-old boy seemed to be pretty much a perfect fit as far as she could tell. but it's somehow i've gotten known as the guy who gets reluctant readers to want to read and, you know, i'm not writing about vampires or werewolves but kids doing something great and write the kind of books i read about loyalty and friendship and teamwork. this is a poor town in western pennsylvania. it's a classic american town right now. there's not enough mining in the town budget to fund a 12-year-old football team.
8:53 am
and the star of the team, a wonderful kid named will tyler takes it upon himself to go raise the money and he writes to the new balance sneaker company >> that's the surprise you would use the real name of a company. >> the town was once built around a sneaker company, an old-fashioned one that's out of business. >> will's father worked there and lost his job. >> and lost his job and he says in the book that he thinks the only business doing good in mythical forbes, pennsylvania, is the company making the for sale signs in front of the houses so this is a town that's down. and the one thing about my books is somebody is going to get knocked down in my books. in this case it's not just the team but the whole town and somehow he gets the money for the season. and this team in which we even have a girl who gets into play on this -- they need -- >> on the toobl team. >> they only have ten players and even after he's raised the
8:54 am
money he needs one more player and his pals think he's lost his mind and it -- you know, ann, i always say in my sports column, the great thing about sports is it takes great big places and makes them feel like small towns but in this case it's a small town that rallies around a group of brave 12-year-old kids who get a season that they weren't going to have. >> you've written a book that every mother would want her kid to read essentially because it's about overcoming obstacles and write about a topic or theme with what's happening in america right now. so many people trying to overcome obstacle, struggling with joblessness and those kind of difficulties and these kids, their children don't have a way to understand and that's what you're writing about in the book. >> all it takes to have the season, all i say is $10,000 but in this town, that could be a million or 10 million and once he raises the money and they can get the equipment and they can
8:55 am
join the league again, that is -- that starts the book but it starts with one kid thinking he can take it upon himself to save the season. >> in fact, there is a little back story and named the girl after your own daughter. you're the father of four kids and you've got three boys and one girl so have you written a book with all your sons now named in the book because i know this is not ending. >> the last book i made a rookie -- what we call a rookie mistake. i named a character after my youngest son and once that happened, i was under tremendous pressure to name a character after my daughter. >> this book is called "the underdolls," mike, thank you. more after this.
8:56 am
>> good morning, the time is 8:55. here is a look at a top story. wet wood and gasoline caused an explosive reaction in a home in anne arundel county. police were called to franklin avenue saturday after neighbors reported an explosion. they arrived to find a 41-year-old man suffering from burns. we are told he was trying to start a fire in the fireplace. he was taken to hopkins bayview. we are back in a
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> let's look at your forecast with tony. >> good morning. should be a pretty nice day. a little cool but we don't expect rain. mix of sun and clouds going into the afternoon. highs into the upper 60's and low 70's. seven-day forecast it will warm up with a chance of rain. 40% chance tuesday and friday. we will drop that to 20% or 30% wednesday and thursday. during the middle of the week the highs will be in the upper 70's to around 80. if you don't like autumn weather it will warm up but turns chilly over the weekend. over the weekend. >> thank you for joining
8:59 am
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